What We Do

The Need

According to HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, statistics show that before orphans reach the age of 21:

70% will be homeless and unemployed

20% will be in prison

10% will commit suicide

= 100% NO HOPE

In addition, UNICEF reports that young children from institutions were most at risk for human trafficking.

What would change the statistics for orphans?

HopeHouse International pursues four tiers of ministry in serving orphans.

1. Adoption into a Christian Family

In Eastern Europe, adequate square footage and designated rooms are a government prerequisite for adoption but are obstacles for most citizens.

HopeHouse International® serves orphans by assisting Christian families in Eastern Europe with the adequate housing so they can adopt three or more orphans (keeping siblings together) and raise them in their own country.

2. Trauma Healing

Abandonment, abuse, neglect and deprivation that a child endures in an orphanage creates emotional, physical, and psychological trauma.

Through the gift of adoption, the love of a family and the transformative love of Christ, children begin to heal from past traumas. HopeHouse International® supports its parents by providing them with Soul-Care™, a results-oriented therapeutic approach to parenting children/teens from trauma and creating healthy attachments so they can journey from brokenness to wholeness and discover all that God created them to be.

3. Education Opportunities

Education is an opportunity that allows our adoptees to reach their fullest potential in personal dignity and future independence.

HopeHouse International® provides Learn2Live scholarships for colleges and trade schools to those who have shown a healthy pattern of personal growth and maturity as revealed through Soul-Care™ accountability measures.

4. Eternal Generational Impact

HopeHouse International® is not about humanitarian aid. We are about Souls.

Adopted into families where the Word of God is faithfully taught creates opportunities for HopeHouse kids to experience the transformative love of Christ.

As HopeHouse adoptees marry, have children, work jobs and serve in churches, they become disciples ~ who then make disciples… creating exponential, generational impact for evangelism!

“We can actually SEE HOPE When we GIVE HOPE to someone else.” -Drew Turner

Ways that you can Give Hope!

HopeHouse International® could not exist without the numerous, talented volunteers that lead and serve the many facets of this ministry as well as our Home-Team, Supporters and Prayer Partners who undergird this ministry. We remain grateful to each and every one for joining us in serving and we invite you to get involved!