Team Hope

HopeHouse International’s U.S. and Ukraine staff, interns and long-term volunteers devote themselves to serving the fatherless. Our collaborative work on behalf of orphans is our outward expression of loving and serving the ‘least of these’ who are in need of a mother, a father and a Savior. Submitted to the Lord’s leadership, we work together towards a vision larger than any one of us can accomplish alone. -Matthew 25: 31-46



HopeHouse International provides leadership development in the areas of non-profit ministry and international missions.

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Share Hope
Communications Majors:
• Social Media
• Video Editing
• Graphic Design
• Animation
• Public Relations
• Journalism

Sustain Hope
Business Majors:
• Marketing
• Nonprofit Management

Restore Hope
Behavioral Sciences:
• Psychology
• Sociology & Anthropology

Show Hope
• Field work Practicum (optional)



The Encouragement Team undergirds this ministry through prayer, awareness and care one for another.

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Prayer Team





Volunteer leaders help us reach more people, build trust and drive engagement with our ministry message.

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An Evening of Hope

An Evening of Hope @Home






When it is safe to travel abroad, travel to Eastern Europe, meet our HopeHouse Families and help with construction of a HopeHouse Home.

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Build Hope
• Building Teams to Ukraine

Show Hope (Interns)
• Field Work Practicum

Train Hope

HopeHouse International values our interns for their creativity, skills and passions. We desire to help in the development of professional skills and provide experience and deeper understanding in helping prepare them to answer God’s ministry calling on their lives.

Share Hope

Communications Majors

Social Media
Social Media Interns will learn how to work as a communication team to effectively share the stories of a ministry organization on social media platforms, draft posts on a daily basis, learn how to best use campaign ads and engage with social media followers.

Video Editing
Students with gain experience in producing engaging short videos to be used strategically as tools for awareness, fundraising and recruitment campaigns (website and social media). Video Editing Interns will also have the opportunity to film overseas on mission trips to gather story telling video footage for future use.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design Interns will learn the far reaching capabilities of dynamic visual design. They will learn how to express the heart of a ministry though social media templates, email newsletter designs, print pieces and infographics for both on-and-offline.

Animation Interns will gain experience creating a series of 5-8 animated short videos that communicate the plight of orphans and engage people to get involved with how HopeHouse responds to their needs.

Public Relations
Public Relations Interns will learn how to engage donors, give presentations, recruit event sponsors and help promote awareness and fundraising events. They can be cross-trained in other areas with exposure to a wider range of leadership.

Journalism Interns will learn how to communicate to reflect the heart of a ministry organization in writing for nonprofits. They will be creating content for email newsletters and other communications. They will also be involved in keeping the ministry up to date on current research regarding orphans, human trafficking of orphans, statistics, etc., with the goal of writing blogs to grow awareness.

Sustain Hope

Business Majors:

Nonprofit Management
Nonprofit Management Interns will learn about nonprofits by hands-on practical experience from inside the organization. HopeHouse will give interns the opportunity to experience how the day-to-day of a ministry runs. They will learn about board governance, bookkeeping and accountability best practices as well as fundraising, awareness and communication strategies.

Marketing Interns will learn how to best support the mission and vision of HopeHouse through communications, social media, research, event-planning, advertising, fundraising and supporting staff with special projects.

Restore Hope

Behavioral Science Majors:

Psychology Interns will begin their internship by learning the approach used to support adoptive/foster parents through Soul-CareTM Parent Trauma Curriculum. Students will learn how Soul-CareTM is applied stateside and internationally. They will also learn how to share Soul-CareTM by writing counseling-type posts for social media, teaching a seminar, and responding/equipping those triggered by in past painful experiences (trauma).

Sociology and Anthropology Interns will learn the cultures and customs of countries in Eastern Europe and learn how to work with people of different cultures. They will also learn how the socioeconomic status, culture, social norms, and politics contribute to the orphan population and how to help families in need while preserving their dignity and independence. They will also be involved in keeping the ministry updated on research regarding orphan issues, human trafficking of orphans, statistics, as well as the above topics with the goal of writing blogs and social media info posts to grow ministry awareness. They can be cross-trained in other areas with exposure to a wider range of leadership.

Show Hope

Field Work Practicum: (optional and unpaid)
HopeHouse Interns will take a trip to Eastern Europe to see how work in the field is most effectually implemented. In addition, engaging training seminars will be led by the 20 year Co-Founder and International Director of HopeHouse International.

Fundraising training for mission trips will be provided.

Encourage Hope

Get Involved!

Prayer Team

Sign up today to join with partners from all over the country to share in daily prayer for specific, real-time needs that cover this ministry in


Receive encouragement by interacting virtually with other adoptive/foster parents and learning from our adoption & trauma counselor on a
variety of topics that lead families from brokenness to wholeness.


Join us in encouraging, uplifting and caring for others through a variety of outreach opportunities.

Advance Hope

Volunteer Leaders

Become a staff volunteer for our programs and events. Event volunteers help us reach more people, build trust and drive engagement with our ministry message.

An Evening of Hope

One night fundraising galas in Nashville and North Texas celebrate the lives of the former orphans that are now sons and daughters! Because we do not solicit donations through mailings, email or phone, these table sponsored events are the primary way that HopeHouse International® raises awareness and funds to support its mission.

An Evening of Hope @Home

We will be bringing our galas (An Evening of Hope) into living rooms, dorm rooms, and social media watch parties throughout the country, expanding this awareness and fundraising event exponentially to help more orphans!

Spike-2-Rescue, Run-2-Rescue, Climb-2-Rescue

Organize a volleyball tournament. Walk/Run in any city marathon. Climb with a group at a climbing gym.

These fundraising events help HopeHouse International rescue orphans from suicide, homelessness, human trafficking prostitution, and prison.

Mobilize Hope

Mission Trips

Build Hope

Travel with us to Eastern Europe with a volunteer building team. Meet our HopeHouse families in Ukraine and help with the finishing stages of a current building project for one of our newest HopeHouse homes.

Show Hope

Field work Practicum: (optional and unpaid)

HopeHouse Interns will take a trip to Eastern Europe to see how work in the field is most effectually implemented.

Fundraising training for mission trips will be provided.

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