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Partner & Sponsors

PARTNER: Your gift supports HopeHouse International® in providing (1) homes so that orphans can be adopted by Christian families and raised in-country (2) parent training for orphan trauma healing (3) education opportunities and (4) other functions that promote its mission.

Partial Sponsor $2,000 – $7,500
Joint Sponsor $10,000 – $20,000
Full Sponsor $25,000 (Cost of a HopeHouse International Home)

A HopeHouse Sponsor is designated to a specific HopeHouse Family. Pictures and information about the home, parents and adopted children are sent after the process is completed.

$5,000 builds a bedroom. On average 2 to 4 children reside in a Ukrainian bedroom. Groups come together for the common purpose of building a bedroom as part of the HopeHouse construction process, allowing more houses to be built and more orphans to be adopted at a much quicker pace. Great for life-groups and family mission projects!


Learn-2-Live Education Scholarships

Education assistance allows our adoptees to reach their fullest potential in personal dignity and future indepen- dence. Supporters provide HopeHouse graduates with scholarship opportunities to further their education in colleges or trade schools.

Gifts towards Tuition:
$2,000 provides tuition, books, room and board for one year.

Frappe Forward (Student and Young Professionals Initiative):
$5.00 each week for one year, (the cost of a cup of coffee) combined with eight others provides tuition, books, room and board for one year. Great for small groups, families and mission projects!

HOME-TEAM is made up of donors who underwrite all administrative expenses throughout the year allowing for public donations to go directly to the programs of the HopeHouse International® mission.


To become a supporter, click the button below.