About Soul-Care Therapeutic Curriculum & Adoptive/Foster Parent Training

 Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum, a family resource of HopeHouse International® is a Christian based curriculum that offers more than just information and advice. It is not a concept, workbook, book, etc. It is a concrete, results-oriented comprehensive approach for on-going, home-based therapeutic interventions. In addition, its Therapeutic Resource Tools are concrete methods created to be used at a moment’s notice to parent a child/teen of trauma and create healthy emotional attachments.


Understanding trauma’s effects on every area of life (past, present and future)

Guiding a child/teen from detachment towards healthy emotional attachment

Breaking shame cycles

Creating esteem cycles

Re-adjusting parental expectations

Identifying underlying roots of negative behaviors and which parental responses/consequences promote attachment

Addressing strategies for children/teens/college students with ADHD, Learning Differences, Developmental Delays (social and academic)

Restoring trust between parent and child/teen

Rediscovering hope through opportunities to help a child/teen journey from brokenness to wholeness thus changing the trajectory of a family’s future

About Co-authors

Behavioral/Trauma Specialist and Licensed Professional Counselor, Melissa N. Shaw, and Adoptive Parent and Co-Founder of HopeHouse International®, Deneen A. Turner. About Curriculum

For questions, email: soul-care@hopehouseinternational.org

Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum is successfully being used in eight countries and is translated into three languages as part of the ministry of HopeHouse International®.