About Soul-Care Therapeutic Curriculum & Adoptive/Foster Parent Training

 Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum, a family resource of HopeHouse International® is a Christian based curriculum that offers more than just information and advice. It is not a concept, workbook, book, etc. It is a concrete, results-oriented comprehensive approach for on-going, home-based therapeutic interventions. In addition, its Therapeutic Resource Tools are concrete methods created to be used at a moment’s notice to parent a child/teen of trauma and create healthy emotional attachments.


Soul-Care™  videos with Missy Shaw, LPC, are currently being offered on HopeHouse International FaceBook and on HopeHouse International Instagram IGTV.

Understanding trauma’s effects on every area of life (past, present and future)

Guiding a child/teen from detachment towards healthy emotional attachment

Breaking shame cycles

Creating esteem cycles

Re-adjusting parental expectations

Identifying underlying roots of negative behaviors and which parental responses/consequences promote attachment

Addressing strategies for children/teens/college students with ADHD, Learning Differences, Developmental Delays (social and academic)

Restoring trust between parent and child/teen

Rediscovering hope through opportunities to help a child/teen journey from brokenness to wholeness thus changing the trajectory of a family’s future

About Co-authors

Behavioral/Trauma Specialist and Licensed Professional Counselor, Melissa N. Shaw, and Adoptive Parent and Co-Founder of HopeHouse International®, Deneen A. Turner. About Curriculum

For questions, email: soul-care@hopehouseinternational.org

Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum is successfully being used in eight countries and is translated into three languages as part of the ministry of HopeHouse International®.