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Soul-Care Seminar Products Now Available

Materials provided at our Soul-Care™ Seminars are now available for purchase here. Each product below can be purchased by clicking the order link which will open a pop-up order form.

For tax-exempt non-profits or others seeking quantities of greater than 10, please email soul-care@hopehouseinternational.org for additional ordering info.


Therapeutic Student Journal


A writing Journal to help tweens/teens process events, behaviors and associated emotions through prompts using self-awareness questions, inspirational quotes and scriptures. This Journal is a proven feeling identification and personal growth tool for tweens/teens who have difficulty processing and expressing their thoughts and emotions. Kids love it! Great for all siblings!

Suggested for 10 years and older

Therapeutic Children’s Journal


A drawing Journal to help children process day-to-day events and emotions through prompting questions using inviting graphic designs to encourage creativity and enjoyment! This Journal is a proven family conversation starter for children who have difficulty processing and expressing their thoughts and feelings. Tweens also love it! Great for those who love to draw!

Suggested for 10 years and older

Soul-Care iFeel Chart (Placemat size)


A simple, but proven, tool to provide various opportunities to identify, attach and express emotions and feelings. An effective attachment tool for the whole family unit when used on a regular basis around dinner table or like setting. A critical family attachment tool!

Soul-Care iFeel Chart (Wallet size)


The Mobile iFeel chart has the ability to be put in mom’s purse, dad’s wallet, etc., to be used at a moments notice in any location. A critical tool to discover behavioral triggers when incidents occur!

NOTE: On the back of BOTH iFeel Charts are helpful parental reminders for de-escalation and conflict resolution.