Soul-Care Curriculum

Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum centers around three main areas:


1. Roots of Behaviors


Parents will learn which specific negative behaviors of a child/teen are a reflection of their past trauma. Negative behaviors are most likely rooted in other underlying issues and are usually not obvious to the parent.

Behaviors Addressed:

  • Detachment
  • Hoarding Food
  • Kleptomania
  • Lying
  • ADHD, Learning Differences and Developmental Delays (Social and Academic)
  • Resisting appropriate affection (such as a parent’s hug)
  • Failure to follow rules or instructions
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Rebellion and Defiance
  • Physical Aggression
  • Vagrancy
  • Self-esteem
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Relationships with birth children and other adopted children
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behavior
  • Manipulation
  • Social Media and Electronic Device Management
  • Self-sabotage
  • Obsessing
  • Social Skills

Did you know that putting your adopted child into ‘time-out’ can feed further detachment through isolation? Discipline approaches for biological children are not always the same for adopted children. Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum lists effective parental responses for common negative behaviors in adopted children.

2. Effective Parental Responses

3. Therapeutic Resource Tools


Tangible, Concrete Therapeutic Resource Tools are  part of the Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum and are proven to:

  1. Accelerate understanding of the root of a child/teen’s attachment issues that create negative responses and behaviors
  2. Equip parents to handle specific, unique challenges as they arise on an incident by incident basis
  3. Provide specific strategies using tools that are easy to apply at a moment’s notice
  4. Incorporate mobile tools that can be used in any environment

Why Soul-Care is a Christian Adoption/Foster Therapeutic Curriculum?

In addition to being a proven therapeutic program, Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Curriculum is based on the Biblical principle that one’s true self worth comes from the Biblical knowledge that we are all created in the image of God. Soul-Care™ believes that without that truth, our children cannot replace the lies they believe about themselves (caused by past traumas) and therefore shame cycles and low self-esteem cannot be replaced with a healthy self-worth found only in knowing their Creator.

What People Are Saying

“I have been to many conferences and classes on Adoption/Foster Care, and Soul-Care™ far exceeds them all in practicality. The resources taught and given were beyond measurable. Most conferences/classes I have attended speak to the subject matter, but Soul-Care™ gives practical tools that can be implemented immediately. I also feel like Soul-Care™ speaks to many ages where most others I have been to typically relate better with little children. As a foster mom and a ministry leader in a church, I plan on recommending and offering this seminar to the other adoptive and foster families in our church, as well as, foster parents I meet through various means.”
-RP (Mom and Ministry Leader) Attendee, Franklin Seminar

“I am a ministry leader in my city, to the most vulnerable population to extreme traumas, such as human trafficking, child sex abuse, domestic and gang violence. I am also an adoptive parent of 4 beautiful children, who are over-comers of abandonment, abuse, and other forms of trauma. Soul-Care™ has been the most informative and enlightening curriculum I have ever experienced in my years of parenting and ministry. It truly solidified methods of identifying feelings/behaviors and knowing how to get positive results. I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone searching for answers!”
-Candy Carter, Executive Director of Last Call 4 Grace Ministries, INC – Attendee, Franklin Seminar

“I was privileged to attend the Soul-Care™ Seminar in Nashville. Wow, what a great seminar for those care about the next generation. Though it was promoted for adoptive/foster parents, every parent, teacher, educator, minister, and coach would profit from attending this seminar. The sessions were fast-paced and packed with practical applications. Soul-Care™ addresses many of the issues parents face with tools given to assist in each situation. If you attend Soul-Caree™, you will find answers for your toughest problems as a parent and come away more confident as you move through the challenges parenting brings. It is my pleasure to recommend Soul-Care™ Seminars.”
-JS (Dad and Ministry Leader) Attendee, Franklin Seminar

As an Adoption Specialist, I am thankful to have a hands-on, concrete curriculum to encourage my families to experience. Preparing a family to raise an adopted child is one of my biggest areas of concern. I can highly recommend Soul Care™ to my families as a curriculum to add more tools to their tool belt. Thankful for another option.
-SI (Mom and Agency Professional) – Attendee, Franklin Seminar

“The training we received at the Soul-Care™ seminar has already paid huge dividends. We learned how we could better understand our son, especially as it relates to helping him through fear and anxiety, sometimes common with adopted children. Even if you think you have this parenting thing figured out, this seminar will shed light on what’s driving those inexplicable behaviors that pop up from time to time. I highly recommend it for adoptive parents.”
-TH (Dad) – Attendee, Nashville Seminar

Soul-Care™ was instrumental in helping us navigate the next stage in our adoptive son’s emotional and spiritual development. We recommend it to everyone dealing with children from difficult circumstances. We have implemented the tools immediately and will use them for a long time.
-BK (Dad) – Attendee, Nashville Seminar

“Soul-Care™ provides a lifeboat to families and children who come from hard places.  Not only the lifeboat but resources to use today and in the future as your children move through different phases of life/growth/conflict.  The material and trainers are qualified professionally but more so by life lessons learned on this battleground. Foster and adoptive families will benefit, gain skills and enjoy connection with others but also families who are broken by divorce, death, trauma and loss will find healing and hopeful skills here.”
-KW (Agency Professional) – Attendee, Franklin Seminar

“My husband and I attended Soul-Care™ this past fall. We believe it is a worthy investment for parents of children from difficult places and experiences, including adoption, foster care, divorce and trauma. Our son was adopted at an early age and has been on target throughout our 5 years together. Deneen’s testimony opened my eyes to see that some of his behaviors could be triggered by emotions that were connected to his past. Using the tools provided, we now have concrete methods to move our son to a place of wholeness. We have been a part of other accredited parent training seminars, but this is the first one that gave us tangible day to day methods. In addition to prayer, we believe God calls us all to do everything possible to meet the needs of our children – that includes ongoing education, training and council.  We highly recommend this training to all families whether you are pre-adoptive parents or have children from newborn to adult it is never too late to begin healing.”
-TF (Mom and Ministry Leader) – Attendee, Nashville  Seminar

“Soul Care™ goes to the heart of both the child and the parent. Moving past the symptoms to the root. As a bonus-mom in a blended family, I found the tools, concepts and truths valuable to the continual and often challenging journey of navigating and stewarding the hearts of my bonus-children.”
-DJ (Mom) – Attendee, Nashville Seminar

“Soul-Care™ is a much needed tool to help families understand deep into the brokenness of our adopted children and how their behavior is a symptom of rejection.  I left the conference armed and strengthen to face another day.”
-RM (Mom) Attendee, Nashville Seminar

“As an adoptive parent for 17 years, I have read many books and adoption guides throughout these years.  Soul-Care is one of the most user friendly resources for adoptive families that I have seen. Soul-Care™ Therapeutic Resource Tools are organized and concise which makes them quick to access, easy to read and ready to apply.  Being an adoptive parent can increase anxiety which contributes to lower confidence when problem solving and parenting. This is why Soul-Care is such a valuable tool.”
-GL (Mom) Attendee, Nashville Seminar

“As a dad of adopted children, this really helped me better understand how to relate to and parent my adopted children with realistic expectations. Using Soul-Care™ methods, our 20 year old is now attaching to us. We thought it was too late, but this curriculum allowed us to start where we are.”
-LB (Dad)  Attendee, Nashville Seminar