Meet our Families

Palatov Family

About a year after we married, I had the opportunity to help some friends at a camp for kids from various orphanages in the region north of Kyiv. There I met Maxim, who … Read more

The Skakun Family

Dasha is kind, responsible, fair, sensitive and smart. She studied well and graduated from college. She became a follower of Christ and was baptized. Recently, our Dasha got married. (photo below). We’re so … Read more


Benjamin lived with his birth mother, an alcoholic, and was very attached to her. During his childhood he faced many challenges. Because his mother could not provide him with housing, they lived at … Read more

The Belonozhko Family

Early in our married life, God placed orphans and their desperate situation on my heart. I began to pray about it, and my husband and I started to work in the local orphanage.  In 2003, HopeHouse … Read more

The Nezdojminoga Family

One day our pastor’s wife told us there were two young boys in the children’s hospital because their mother had abandoned them. She asked if we would consider getting to know them because … Read more

The Nischuk Family 

Greetings with the love of Jesus Christ! Our family is very grateful to God and to you for your help and support! I, Ivan, and my wife Lyudmila are Christians. But I was … Read more

The Menshov Family

My name is Elena Menshov and this is the story of my family. I was raised in a happy family of seven where my parents loved us and each other.  From an early age, I worried … Read more

The Koval Family

We are the Koval Family. We adopted three orphans 15 years ago who are now kind and smart and who serve our God as young adults.  All three of our first adopted children were given a good education … Read more

The Ftomovich Family 

I, Aleksandr and my wife, Inna, always wanted to have children. The thought of adoption came to us long before we began to engage in orphan ministry. Our plans were to adopt even … Read more

The Opolsky Family 

My husband and I never had biological kids, even though the doctors saw no reason that we couldn’t. We began to realize that God was preparing us for something else, something valuable and important.  We began to pray … Read more