How We Work

Listen to an inspiring interview between Pastor Jordan Easley of FBC Cleveland, TN and Deneen Turner, Co-Founder.

They discuss orphans in Eastern Europe and how for over 20 years, God’s blessings on HopeHouse International Establishes Homes, Creates Families, Breaks Cycles, Transforms Lives, and Impacts Generations for Christ!


HopeHouse International® serves orphans by assisting Christian families in Eastern Europe with the adequate housing required to adopt orphans and raise them in their own country.

Because overcrowded housing is a barrier for adoptions in Eastern Europe, HopeHouse International® provides adequate housing for qualified, Christian families so that they can adopt three or more orphans (keeping siblings together) and raise them in-country.


1. Selection of Parents

HopeHouse International® operates ANONYMOUSLY with potential candidates who demonstrate a passion for orphans. Parents being considered as HopeHouse International® candidates must be recommended by local pastors, live a lifestyle based on Christian beliefs and principles, and demonstrate a passion for orphaned children.

2. Qualifying Process

Parental candidates must successfully complete a stringent HopeHouse International® interview process including all government background checks on financial, medical, and criminal records verifications. All candidates are subject to Board of Directors’ approval. (Minimum two months)

3. Adoption of Three or More Children

Parents must adopt three or more orphaned children to keep sibling groups together. (Minimum six months)

4. Providing a Home

HopeHouse International provides a home upon assessment of best available and affordable option. This includes home purchase, renovation, or building. (Minimum six months)

5. Parent Training

Soul-Care™ Parent Training Curriculum helps HopeHouse Parents to understand the trauma experienced by their children in the orphanage and then how to use tangible, concrete methods that will equip children/teens/young adults to create healthy, emotional attachments. This is a biblically based curriculum.

6. Education Opportunities

Through Learn2Live, HopeHouse International® provides higher education scholarships to those who have shown a healthy pattern of personal growth and maturity as revealed through Soul-Care™ accountability measures.

7. Accountability

Parental accountability comes from the Government Adoption Center who performs follow-up visits and holds the parents accountable to provide for the children. HopeHouse International® maintains a relationship with the families and pastors in order to report the children’s progress to HopeHouse International® Supporters and Prayer Partners.