Find My Shoes

HopeHouse International® presents Find My Shoes, new mini-series filmed in Nashville. These weekly one-minute episodes are presented to help people experience what it is like to walk in an orphan’s shoes, hear their thoughts, feel their hopelessness and then follow their story to see how their live changes through the gift of adoption.

This weekly mini-series will be presented on our website, social platforms and YouTube.

Find My shoes episodes are based on 20 years of real-life stories from our HopeHouse kids. The purpose behind Find My Shoes is to be a voice for the 153 million orphans around the world who have no voice, to share how HopeHouse responds to their need for a mother, a father and a Savior, and to follow-up with Soul-Chats to help viewers unpack what’s often inside the hearts of those who have been through past painful experiences whether or not they are from orphanages.

Each episode is followed by Soul-Chats presented by Soul-Care Trauma Curriculum C0-Founder, Missy Shaw, LPC.   Soul-Chats take a deeper dive and provide a source of insight and encouragement to viewers especially adoptive, foster and any parent who has kids that have experienced trauma.

Learn more, watch behind the scenes, see interviews, interact and don’t miss an episode of Find My Shoes or Soul-Chats on our Journey With Us page or Facebook and Instagram IGTV pages.

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Find My Shoes Videos