An Evening of Hope

For 24 years, An Evening of Hope Galas have been held in Nashville/Franklin, North Texas, Seattle and Atlanta.

Raising Funds to Build Homes so Orphans can be Adopted by Christian Families and raised in their own country.

Because we do not solicit donations through mailings, email or phone, these table sponsored events are the primary way that HopeHouse International® raises awareness and funds to support its mission.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness, suicide, imprisonment, and human trafficking for more than 750 orphans to date, HopeHouse International® has provided the homes that have enabled their adoption into Christian families throughout Eastern Europe.

Through a powerful program utilizing video, music and testimonies, HopeHouse Children share their story through their words, in their homes, and from their hearts.

Sponsoring a Table

An Evening of Hope would not be possible if it were not for the Table Sponsors who (1) underwrite the expenses for the evening so donations can go to the mission and (2) strategically invite guests (10 maximum per table) whose hearts might connect with the mission of HopeHouse International.

Nashville, TN and North Texas

In 2021, An Evening of Hope fundraiser events are hosted in the Nashville and Dallas areas.

HOME-TEAM is made up of long-time supporters who underwrite dedicated expense for administrative salaries which allows public donations to go directly to the programs and functions that serve orphans through our mission.

For more information, please email: hope@hopehouseinternational.org

Please Note: HopeHouse International® is NOT the same organization nor affiliated in any way with “Hope” organizations that call to solicit donations, clothing, etc.

An Evening of Hope / Nashville, North Texas, Seattle

HopeHouse would like to thank Chris Mastalia Photography for photographing our gala events and Rebekah Pope Photography for photographing our Ukrainian Children’s Art Collection.


Art Gallery Pictures

An Evening of Hope also highlights Ukrainian Children’s Art, a collection of oil paintings by Ukrainian Orphans ages 9-14. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view photos of paintings.